Africa’s very first harbourfront emporium

The Wharfside® Grill is regarded as one of Africa’s best seafood restaurants, not only for its authentic harbourside ambience and spectacular bay views, but because of the amazing food it serves - the lobsters, the prawns, fisherman's baskets and innovations like Calaprawnia® and Houtbaisse® have made it famous.

Although seating more than 350 diners when full, privacy does not take second place. There are also six private dining cabins themed to seafaring history and famous ships, such as Queen Mary, Shipwreck, Navy and those of the Union-Castle line, including the actual 8 foot 11 inches model of the Pendennis Castle, their flagship which frequented the Cape.

With many olden-day maritime artefacts surrounding you, you can be forgiven for thinking you are taking a step back in history when entering the Wharfside Grill.

Besides which it’s good to know that Wharfside Grill has been open for over 35 years which few, if any, other local restaurants can claim - and still be pulling in the crowds.


Fresh Seafood


How it all began


Private dining cabins

35 years of rich maritime history

A unique harbourfront emporium
Since opening its doors in 1984, Mariner's Wharf, with its enviable position right on the edge of the sea and at the end of Hout Bay beach, continues to entice visitors from near and far. The Wharfside Grill Restaurant through the years has been the mainstay of Mariner's Wharf, delighting patrons with its many displays of maritime mementos and interesting pieces collected from around the world.

The impressive collection includes a 8 foot 11 inch builder's model of the Pendennis Castle gracing the Union-Castle dining cabin and a ship's figurehead of Admiral Nelson, an impressive presence at the entrance of the Wharfside Grill.

The five impressive private dining cabins each have their own bona-fide decor. The Queen Mary, Shipwreck, Navy, Masthead and Union-Castle shipping line cabins display mementos which have been broadened over the years with the discovery of more interesting pieces.

We invite you to take a meander around our impressive restaurant and enjoy its rich maritime culture, which has something interesting to see around each corner.

(34°02’49.70 S 18°20’53.60 E)
Harbour Road, Hout Bay
Cape of Good Hope, South Africa