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Fisherman's Wharf

Purveyors of the best local and imported seafood
Built around the hull of the Kingfisher, an original 1940s wooden trawler from the Hout Bay fleet, this is the flagship precinct of the Wharf and purveys fresh fish, live lobsters, oysters, mussels, patés, bokkems, sushi, local and imported seafood. Daily-baked bread, rolls and biscuits are also available at its Bakery, as well as sandwiches. Only the freshest of products are sold at Fisherman's Wharf®, the official name for its fishmarket, with fish cleaned, filleted and sold in full view of customers.
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Fresh fish smoked over oak fires
The Smokeries are an integral part of Mariner’s Wharf. Out of the smokeries comes our famous smoked snoek, smoked over genuine oakwood. When the Smokeries are operating, the warm freshly-smoked fish literally flies off the shelves in the Fishmarket. Besides snoek, other varieties of fish such as tuna and angelfish are also produced.
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Live Lobsters

Take your pick from the catch of the day
The Fishmarket at Mariner’s Wharf features one of the few open-to-the-public live lobster tanks in South Africa. Besides stocking the freshest catch of the day, here you can select your lobster of choice and size. Lobster tails and whole cooked lobsters are also available.
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Fresh breads and rolls baked daily
Alongside the bustling corridors delivering fresh fish to the Fishmarket, is our Bakery, with a dedicated artisan baker producing the famous Mariner’s Wharf seed loaves, beloved by all who have dined in the upstairs Wharfside Grill restaurant.
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What people are saying


Always a winner for the best seafood in Cape Town!


Fish and chips delish! There is a queue but it moves fast. They have sauvignon blanc, Hunters Cider, live music, lively scenery. Expensive curio shops but lovely trinkets. Lovely walk down the quay


Fantastic shops with lots of gifts, treats, snacks and delicacies!


There are many places in Cape Town, who make an awesome Fish & Chips parcel, but Mariner's Wharf makes the best Calamari & Chips. The taste and quality have been consistent, over my lifetime of coming here.

Food was divine. We bought the family meal which came packaged perfectly. More than enough for 4 people....maybe 5 or 6. Host was extremely friendly and informative. There was a long line but it went relatively quickly. Was full but managed to find seating. Overall was such a nice day and lunch with my family.

The best cajun calamari in Cape Town. Wonderful venue and great staff. Always a wonderful welcome from them. We only have cajun calamari, just can't try anything else!


Best fish and chips ever. Fish batter beautifully crispy.

The best snoek and chips in the world. Best view in Houtbay. The best of Cape Town.
You really feel like a tourist in your own town, when you have some sea food at Mariner's Wharf. Old school soul food.
Best seafood ever.
Amazing food! Couldn't risk the food getting cold, so we stopped at a viewing point and enjoyed in the car!
Wow!! The seafood platter was amazing!! The sea, sand, seagulls completed the meal!! LOVE on a plate!! Thank you! You cannot visit Cape Town and not have a meal here.
Authentic Fish & Chips so fresh off the trawlers! No better place to eat it than right on the wharf in the sun and cool sea breeze with seals barking and waves splashing...
Wonderful fish, tastes delicious
Enver Halim
The hake was so crispy and fresh!! The calamari was the best I've actually had.

Best fish in Cape Town! The prices are affordable and the quality is exceptional. Perfect place to take the family for fish extravaganza.

The best fish and chips in Cape Town. Crunchy battered fish fresh off the boat 😉. Very well organised for COVID with fast friendly service.
Very unique experience. The smell and the sound of the sea right next to you. Staff makes you feel welcome. Will definitely visit again.
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(34°02’49.70 S 18°20’53.60 E)
Harbour Road, Hout Bay
Cape of Good Hope, South Africa